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Primary source of all information is from Computer History Organization.
There is no way to present all or even a majority of the information needed to tell the whole story. What follows is my version of the most significant events leading to the development of the PC you are using to view this and other pages. The source (or sources) of each entry within each of the appendixes is footnoted after each entry. If you have any questions about the data please consult the original reference for a more in-depth or verifiable source. Should you find that the data presented is questionable or if you find an addition please let me know. Within this chronology every effort was made to order each event but within any given year of the events may not actually be in an exact time sequence. Additionally, you will notice some conflicting information, usually with respect to dates, regarding events. This is due to different sources and it is left to historians to resolve these conflicts. The chronology is partitioned as a series of "pdf" files, which can be read with an Adobe Acrobat Reader..
6000 B.C. through 1899 A.D.   1900 through 1939
1940 through 1949   1950 through 1959
1960 through 1969   1970 through 1979
1980 through 1989   1990 through 1999
The author requests information in places where certain information is missing. Kindly suggest any additions or modifications to this chronology by contacting Jim Melton me your ?s.
All suggestions must include the accurate date of the event and the source or sources from which it came. Current events, defined by occurrences over the past ten years, are welcome.

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